Book Components

A collection of elements that can be typically found in printed books.

Cover, Back Cover, Book Spine

Front Matter
Title page, Copyright page, Copyright Acknowledgments (for titles with reprinted / permissioned material), Dedication, Table of Contents, Foreword (usually written by someone other than the author), Warning, How-To-Use-This-Book, Epilogue, Preface, Acknowledgments, Introduction, Praise for the Book, About the Author

The Front matter of a traditional book needs to move when structuring an eBook. “Essentially you can’t have 10 pages of Front Matter in an ebook. It needs to go to the rear.” (Simon Worthington, Mute Magazine)

Insert: Table of Contents
A Table of Contents is an essential element of many types of books, and is essentially the book element that is the the ‘road-map’ for your reader. If needed for your book, upon completion of your ‘core’ manuscript content, please prepare a Table of Contents (TOC) listing the parts, sections, chapters, and headings that you feel are appropriate.

Main Body
Parts, Sections, Chapters

End Matter
Glossary, Bibliography, Index, Further Reading, Extra Voices, Notes, Footnotes

Non-Text Elements
Art, Images, Figures, Graphs, Tables, Data visualization, Image series

Some of the elements were taken from dogearpublishing.


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